Yala Life™

Charger Pro Pad


One part mouse pad, one part QI wireless charging station, the Charger Pro Pad is a convenient and powerful addition to any workspace designed to optimize your productivity. This is a convenient wireless charging station and mouse pad so you can keep all your QI-enabled devices at full power and within reach without interrupting your workflow.

No more wires, and no more fuss - simply place your phone or wireless mouse directly onto the charging pad and watch as it automatically begins charging. This charging station is equipped with a secure IC chip that effectively protects your devices from overcharge, over-heating, over-current, and over-discharge, so you can rest assured they'll be charged safely every time you set them down.

  • Interface Type: Type-C
  • Material: Hot-Pressed Discoloration PU
  • Input Voltage: 9V2A
  • Output Power: 5V2A (10W)
  • Wireless Support: Universal
  • Sensing Distance: 6mm
  • Folding Size: 20.3 / 8.7 / 1.0cm
  • Support for fast charging: Yes (Android)