Luminescent Hourglass

Get a good night’s sleep the old-fashioned way with the 15 Min Sleep Companion, a modern take on the classic hourglass. Turn it on just before bed, and relax as you are soothed by the sands of time. The Companion's mesmerizing light display is designed to help lull you to sleep in minutes, gently illuminating the sand as it passes through the hourglass with a comforting array of colors. The ambient light also works to create a more peaceful atmosphere, signaling to your brain that it's time to rest. Say goodbye to the circadian rhythm disrupting light of smartphones and televisions at night, and get lost in the serene beauty of your new go-to-sleep companion.

  • Hourglass Sleep Aid
  • 2 Light Modes - Choose One Color Or Transition Through Them All
  • 4 Color Light Displays Yellow, Blue, White, + Pink
  • 800mAh USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Automatically Turns Off After 15 Min
  • Glass, Wood Materials 
  • Measurements (9.8")L x (5.1")W x (5.1")H